Borrox AP Reamers

Advanced performance sealed bearing reamer


  • Low-packed hole assemblies
  • Medium to severely-packed hole assemblies
  • Extremely abrasive drilling conditions


  • Available in all common hole sizes
  • Reduces downhole torque caused by wellbore spiraling and doglegs
  • Maintains borehole quality
  • Maintains hole gauge in extreme conditions


  • Blank ended manufacturing means the tool can be configured for near bit and string placement in the BHA
  • High-flow body increases annular total flow
  • Longer full-gauge cutting section enhances gauge maintenance
  • Proprietary seal endures high loads, temperatures and rotary speeds, to extend bearing life
  • Three cutter assemblies allow customization for different applications
  • Cutter assemblies can be changed safely and easily on rig floor

The Borrox AP* advanced performance sealed-bearing reamer has the flexibility and durability to meet rigorous downhole demands. Hole gauge maintenance and torque reduction characteristics can be customized with the Borrox AP reamer.

To help operators take on different formation applications, the Borrox AP reamer works with three different cutter assemblies: KSX* high-strength TCI reamer cutters for soft to medium-hard formations; RSX* milled-profile torque-reduction reamer rollers for torque reduction applications, and DEX* diamond-enhanced insert reamer cutters for high abrasion and impact resistance, a hard formation profile. Cutter assemblies can be changed easily on the rig floor to accommodate a range of wellbore conditions.

Service and support

Optimum placement in the BHA is essential in any reamer application. A SIGS Company representative should always be consulted on the placement of your Borrox AP reamer. Proprietary software can be used to analyze and predict the tendencies of a particular assembly to ensure drilling objectives are achieved. The Borrox AP reamer offers multiple cutting structure options, reliability, rig site serviceability, and the capability to maintain hole gauge in extreme conditions.