Model 60 Reamers

Model 60 Rotary Reamer

The Model 60 Rotary Reamer utilizes a simple non-sealed bearing design making it cost-effective to run in many applications. It is available in a broad range of hole sizes from 5.7/8 inches to 36 inches and offers a choice of two cutter designs. The Model 62 offers a large bore feature available only on tools from 6 1/2 inch to 8 3/4-inch hole size.

Both models come in three- and six-point reamers for bottom hole and string placement.

Cutters are retained using a simple but effective design that ensures the cutter assembly can stand up to the harshest drilling conditions.

Features and benefits

  • Large diameter, carburized and hardened pins serve as robust abrasion-resistant bearing sections.
  • True rolling reamer cutters offer two cutting structure options.
  • The "Type Q" cutter achieves maximum reaming action in medium to hard formations where crushing action against the formation is preferred.
  • The "Type K" Knobby cutters use tungsten carbide inserts to fracture the rock, and are recommended for use in hard formations.


  • The Model 60 Rotary Reamer offers multiple cutting structure options to suit variable formation conditions.
  • Renowned for its reliability, rig site serviceability, and a reputation for maintaining hole gauge in extreme high temperature hole conditions.

Ordering instructions, please specify:

  • Three-point or six-point
  • Bottom hole or string reamer
  • Hole size
  • Drill collar OD
  • Type of cutters to be installed in the reamer
  • Size, type and location of the connection
    Example: 4" IF box up x 4" IF pin down
  • Cast or pressed steel thread protectors