Non-Mag Stub Welding

Drilling Tool Refurbishment

The repair technique of lengthening Non-Magnetic drilling tubulars provides huge cost saving benefits over replacing inventories with new tools that become undersize due to repeated reworking of connections.

This process has become highly advanced due to the modern technology and innovative development of superior welding materials. Today an operator can extend the lifespan of their tool fleet several times over by utilizing the stub welding process.

Quality Stock Used for Stubbing

  • Exact Metallurgical specifications and compatibility
  • 100% Raw material testing & traceability
  • Solution Annealed
  • Destructive & Non-Destructive Testing
  • Hardness Compliance

Stub Welding Process

Welding procedures are conducted in a dust-free environment that ensures contaminant free welds are produced. The welding stages are constantly monitored to ensure only the purest weld is applied into the groove. The welding process ensures the weld is free of any defects and the largest cross-sectional weld retains sufficient tensile strength to provide a good safety factor of weld strength over the strength of pin/box connection. In addition the weld retains sufficient ductility and good resistance to fatigue cracking. All welds are verified with radiography.

Tools to consider for Stub Welding

  • Non-Mag Collars
  • MWD Tools
  • LWD Tools
  • Non-Mag Stabilizers