Machine Shop Services

Drilling Tool Repairs

The Machine Shop Services Centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are there to provide our customers with a quality service they can rely upon.

General Machining Services:

  • Rotary Shoulder Connections Repairs
  • Cold Rolling
  • Bore Back & Pin Stress Relief Features
  • Tubular Repair
  • Tool Joint Build Up
  • Rotary Kelly Repairs
  • Drill Collar Spiraling
  • Rotary Substitute Repairs
  • Drill Collar OD Tuning
  • Reamer Pocket Repair
  • Mill Redress & Manufacture
  • CNC Milling Services
  • Deep Hole Boring
  • Straightening Services

Premium Threads Drill Pipe

  • Grant Prideco - XT, HT, TT, GPDS, XT-M, VX
  • Tenaris - DSTJ
  • TSC - TSDS

Premium Threads Casing/Tubing:

  • Tenaris - Blue, MS28, RTS6, RTS8
  • Atlas Bradford - AB-STL
  • Weatherford - FJWP

Other connections for tubing and casing are available upon request.

API certification in each facility ensures consistent quality standards are maintained throughout all the repair service centers in the region.