Drilling Tool Repairs

Machine Shop Service Centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are there to provide our customers with a quality service level they can rely on.

General Machining Services

  • Rotary Shoulder Connection Repairs
  • Cold Rolling
  • Bore Back & Pin Stress Relief Features
  • Tubular Repair
  • Tool Joint Build Up
  • Rotary Kelly Repairs
  • Drill Collar Spiraling
  • Rotary Substitute Repairs
  • Drill Collar ODTurning
  • Reamer Pocket Repair
  • Mill Redress & Manufacture
  • CNC Milling Services
  • Deep Hole Boring
  • Straightening Services

Premium Threads Drill Pipe

  • Grant Prideco - XT, HT, TT, GPDS, HT-PAC, SST
  • NKK / DSTJ
  • DP Master — DS, MP
  • VAM VX
  • Hilong — HLDS, HLST

Premium Threads Casing / Tubing

  • Tenaris — Blue, SAGD, ER, MS XT/XC, MS28
  • Tenaris — MS28 XT/XC, MS, MS SR, RTS6, RTS8
  • Tenaris — RTS6, RTS8
  • VAM — TOP, HC, HT
  • Express, EIS, CDS
  • Weatherford - FJWP

Other connections for tubing and casing are available upon request.

API Q1 and SPEC 7 certification in each facility ensures consistent standards are maintained throughout all our repair service centers in the region.