Carbide Redressing

Redress & manufacture

In today's drilling industry, the need for robust tools that will stand up to the harsh downhole environments, while maintaining their cost effectiveness, has become essential. Our service centers are constantly striving to meet those demands with innovation and technological advances in gauge wear protection and carbide application.

We are the leading company in the application of a variety of hard facing materials, including:

  • Type 200 Tungsten Insert Slugs
  • Type W Crushed Tungsten Carbide
  • Type 300 Sintered Tungsten Carbide
  • Trapezoidal Tungsten Brick Solder Matrix Bond
  • Trapezoidal Brick with Sintered Matrix Carbide Bond
  • Plasma Transferred Arc Technology

SIGS also provides a comprehensive mill manufacture and redress service. We offer a wide variety of tungsten carbides and custom blended carbide inserts to choose from:

  • String Taper Mills
  • Cobra Mills
  • Bladed Junk Mills
  • Taper Mills
  • Cone Buster Mills
  • Pilot Mills
  • Concave Mills
  • Conductor Mills