Oil Country Tubular Goods Courses

Oil Country Tubular Goods – OCTG – Courses

SIGS offers two comprehensive internal courses specifically related to the inspection of tools and components employed in down-hole drilling in the Oil & Gas industry. Under these programs, students learn about the different types of OCTG tools typically used for drilling, the function(s) of each tool, the various inspection methods and/or techniques used of inspecting each tool and the applicable inspection standards.

A brief outline of the courses is as below:

Rotary Shouldered Connections Inspection – RSC

Rotary shouldered connections or RSCs are the coarse threaded ends visible on a wide variety drilling tools employed in conventional and unconventional drilling operations. The RSC course aims at helping students to easily and correctly identify the various types and designs of connections, their importance, their inspection requirements and the various standards applicable to their use, inspection, maintenance, preservation and repair.

The course typically runs for approximately 4 days.

Drill Pipe Tubular Goods Inspection – DPTG

This course aims at educating the student about the various types of drilling tools with a focus steel drill pipes, casing and tubing inspection requirements. A central focus of the course is application of the electromagnetic inspection – EMI - method as a rapid means of scanning steel drill pipes, casing and tubing in search of surface based ID and OD flaws and general wall loss.

The course typically runs for approximately 4 days.