Quality Assurance

The requirements essential to SIGS’ consistent delivery of high-quality products and services are fully contained within our fully documented Quality Management System (QMS). The Quality Assurance system ensures that SIGS manufacturing and inspection services are tailored to comply with standard regional and international quality requirements such as those stipulated by ISO 9001:2015. Our Machine Shop operations are tailored to API 7-1, API 6A & API 17D, etc. requirements. Our inspection operations are tailored to regional requirements such as those stipulated by Dubai Accreditation Center (DAC), Dubai Petroleum Establishment), Saudi ARAMCO, DS-1, NS-2 and the relevant BS, EN, ISO, ASTM, API and ASME requirements.

To properly implement the documented QMS requirements, SIGS operates modern Machining, Welding, Fluid Sealing and Inspection facilities and equipment across most of its key operating centers. The equipment is operated and maintained by highly experienced, qualified, and certified personnel.

Our Inspection Department boasts highly experienced and qualified Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), DROPS and Lifting Equipment inspectors, ready to deploy within very short notification from clients. Depending on the type of inspection, the average minimum inspection cycle time is one to two days for lifting services, three to four days for DROPS services and two to five days for OCTG services. In addition, to properly streamline operations and offer crucial time savings, the inspection department also operates a largely independent internal equipment calibration and maintenance division run by highly experienced and qualified personnel.

Our fully equipped Machine Shop boasts highly experienced and qualified machinists, welders, and plant equipment operators. In addition, fully qualified quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) personnel are always on hand to ensure product integrity prior to, during and after the manufacturing process of any of our core products. SIGS buys its raw materials and/or finished goods from reputed suppliers from all over the world incl. USA, Europe & Asia. Some of the raw materials used in SIGS Machine Shop & FSD operations include: Carbon, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel Forgings, Castings & Wrought Products, Rubber Sheets, CNAF, Graphite etc. SIGS has several registered local and international suppliers categorized as Critical; Non-Critical & General Suppliers who are evaluated annually based on delivery & quality performance.

In summary, SIGS’ overall approach to Quality is succinctly embodied with its Quality Policy:

Quality Policy

“Provide all customers with the highest quality products and services which meet and exceeds customer expectations and legal requirements. Continually strive to maintain our edge over competitors, with relentless emphasis on improving customer satisfaction through research and technological development. Improving effectiveness of the management system & processes and investing strategically in resources required to meet all current and future market demands”.

We will keep working to strategically improve our approach to achieving and maintaining higher quality product and service levels while striving to collaborate with modern Health, Safety and Environmental initiatives with the express aim of sustainably improving the livelihoods and wellbeing of our employees, shareholders and business partners.