Smith International Gulf Services L.L.C. is a leading provider of Machine Shop/Field Inspection Services and Fluid Sealing Products to the Middle East’s Oil & Gas industry. The company recognises that good management includes a strong moral and social commitment to all Health, Safety and Environmental matters and will ensure that the following objectives are achieved:

  1. Manage our operations with diligence and with the awareness that our goal is to protect human health, safety, and the environment and prevent pollution, by employing best control mechanisms, procedures and processes that are proven technologically sound.
  2. Comply with relevant HSE legislation and provide self-monitoring to ensure compliance.
  3. Publish the HSE Policy internally, by communication to all employees and posting the document on notice boards, and externally to all interested parties on request.
  4. Train our employees to apply best HSE practice and permit them to stop any type of job at any stage of operations that may have hazardous impact on human health, safety and the environment.
  5. Continual improvement of the HSE Management System ensuring efficient and effective HSE Performance
  6. The company is committed to environmental protection and the prevention of accidental loss of resources and assets that affect our employees and the company’s profitability by focusing on our primary environmental concerns, which consist of the appropriate use of natural resources, management of waste, land contamination, material storage, water discharges and emissions to air.
  7. The company is committed to occupational health & safety protection for all employees and contractors who enter the Smith International Gulf Services facility by ensuring that all personnel are competent and capable in conducting safe and correct operational practices and are able to immediately stop and take timely corrective and preventive action when potentially unsafe or harmful conditions are identified.
  8. Foster openness, dialogue, enhanced communication and discussion with employees, tenants, suppliers, contractors and all interested parties regarding our HSE performance and objectives & targets.
  9. Measure HSE performance by conducting regular inspections, audits and assessments of compliance with the HSE Policy, relevant legislation and requirements of the company.